Stand up Straight

Bad posture is often directly related to pain and discomfort. Good posture is a form of fitness in which the muscles of the body support the skeleton in an alignment that is stable and efficient during movement.

Our spine is designed mechanically to load the joint surfaces correctly when we sit or stand with the normal curvature of our spine. This reduces stress on the passive structures of ligaments, discs, and cartilage. Prolonged poor posture loads up these structures which are not designed to take such loads and results in muscles lengthening and weakening further contributing to increased load on these passive structures. For every 2cm that the head moves forward in posture, it increases the weight of the head on the neck by 4 kgs!!

This extra load can cause joint, disc, muscle or referred pain.

Our postural muscles are amazing and when kept strong and stretched can cope with the day to day loads we endure.  But remember it has taken months/years of poor posture to become painful so to regain muscle control and length takes time and effort.

Physiotherapists are trained in posture assessment, ergonomics and spinal mobilisations to optimise alignment of spine and ultimately good posture.  Come chat to the team to see what you can change and specific exercises for your hobbies to avoid postural pain.