Thighs, Bums and Tums

Squats: to strengthen the quadriceps (front of thigh). Standing legs hip width apart. Bend your knees keeping chest up and back straight. Ensure knees stay wide over the middle of your feet. This can be made more difficult by performing on an uneven surface. Feel the burn.

Bridging: Lying on your back knees bent, lift one and hold it out straight off the ground. Push down through the other foot and lift your butt off the floor, keeping your hips straight. Hold 10 sec and repeat on the other side.

V-Sit: keeping head shoulders and pelvis inline, knees hip width apart. Start with feet on the floor and control lean back.  Look straight ahead and hold for 20 sec. You can lift feet off the floor if you can hold the position. Ensure there is no strain on your low back.