Mountains and Collar Bones

William Blake once said, “Great things are done when men and mountains meet”

A lot of Queenstown seem to agree this summer. Downhill mountain biking is everywhere and people are loving it. Unfortunately not everyone has such a happy relationship. Some of us have to fend off the mountain, and the speed we’re going or the height we fall from, fending off the ground can be harder for some than others. But at that point it’s just a matter of what’s stronger, you or the ground.

Our collarbone (clavicle) is the most commonly fractured bone in our entire body and occurs landing from a height onto our arm or shoulder. Although a collar bone fracture is glaringly obvious to most of us, we still take an x-ray to confirm the extent of the fracture, which usually occurs at the weakest point near the junction of the middle and outer thirds. Fortunately, most fractures heal up in six weeks and you’d be unlucky to be left with any form of functional deficit apart from a marked bump to remind you of the event. Six weeks later you should be back up that mountain working on this relationship.

Make sure you come see us to ensure you get the most out of it!!!

R broken collar bone, Day 4 after falling from his mountain bike. Ouch