Get Your Knees Up

We are some of the lucky few who really do live in Paradise. Everyday there are things to be proud of in this town.  The amount of people you see getting out there jogging and cycling their way to health is amazing. But there is a nasty syndrome that joins us at this time of year and puts a damper on us enjoying our paradise.


ITB Friction Syndrome is a prevalent problem in runners and cyclists. It occurs when the ITB tries to play itself like a bowstring and rubs itself raw against the outside of your knee. The cause can be broken in two: Poor biomechanics – which often just means you didn’t choose your parents well, and/or overtraining – which means you really should learn to sit down, relax and catch up with your friends more.


You can treat the symptoms of ITB Friction syndrome all you like; you can massage and stretch, and stretch and massage some more, but if you don’t treat the cause you’ll be wasting your time, and as we know time is precious and fleeting. Get an analysis of your running style or bike set up because most often the major cause of ITB Friction syndrome is faulty lower limb alignment due to muscle weakness, imbalance and biomechanical errors.


ITB Friction Syndrome is stubborn don’t you be stubborn too! Let us help