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Common Running Injuries

Running is a great way to stay in shape, manage stress and increase your overall wellbeing, however it’s not without it’s drawbacks. While being a low risk activity, there are a few injuries that commonly affect runners. As running is a repetitive impact activity, most running injuries develop slowly and can be difficult to treat. […]

ACL Tears

What is an “ACL tear” and how does it occur? The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is a strong piece of connective tissue which attaches the thigh bone (femur) to your leg bone (tibia). The ACL is referred to as a “crucial” ligament due to the stability it provides to the knee joint. The ACL’s […]

Optimising Injury Healing – Effects of Alcohol

Immediately after an injury there is bleeding from damaged tissue, which forms a bruise. There is also an influx of fluid from the blood stream (swelling), which brings nutrients and cells into the area to begin clearing away the damaged tissues and to fight any infection which may have entered through a break in the […]

Optimising Injury Healing – Stress

Healing from injury or surgery is an important process. Poor healing of muscle, ligaments, tendons and bones can delay your recovery and your return to the things you like doing. If you have had surgery or have open wounds, poor healing can increase wound infections or complications. Healing from a wound or injury requires you […]

Bike Injuries – Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy Bulletin

Some very interesting reading in the Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy bulletin on mountain biking injuries. Below is a summary of points: Although the number of mountain bikers is increasing each year and the total number of biking injuries are rising, the actual frequency of injuries per hour riding is decreasing. But, the number of injuries […]

Optimising Injury Healing – Exercise

Soft tissue damage comes about through a traumatic event such as a kick, a sudden forceful action, over-stretching or through overuse. The injured area then goes through a healing process, which is divided into three broad but overlapping phases: inflammation, repair and remodelling. It is important to be aware of these stages of healing to […]

Optimising Injury Healing – Nutrition

Appropriate nutrition can play an important role in recovering from your injury as well as help prevent weight gain due to reduced activity. Below are some tips to help make the most out of your nutrition when injured. It is important to limit total calorie intake to match current activity level post injury Eating nutrient […]

Optimising Injury Healing – Effects of Smoking

Smoking – we all know it’s bad for your health and it is the cause of many serious health problems.  Each cigarette contains over 4000 chemicals, 70 of which have been identified as causing cancer.  In fact, every cigarette takes 11 mins off your life expectancy.   But, did you know that smoking slows our […]

Optimising Injury Healing – Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important elements of injury prevention and healing.  Benefits of sleep include:   Improved reaction times Decreased injury rates Longer playing careers Improved weight management Decreased injury risk Increased accuracy and sprint times Improved mental acuity Fewer mental errors Improved cognitive function (attention and memory)   How does sleep affect […]

Optimising Injury Healing – Hydration

Keep yourself hydrated for optimal recovery from your injury. We are essentially 60-70% water and this water is vital for everything from boosting your brain power; improving your skin; to assisting in your body’s defence when injured. When dealing with an injury, hydration is an essential part of the healing process. In a dehydrated state, […]