7 Weeks

Rachel Hunter said “it won’t happen over night but it will happen”

7 weeks the time till, fingers crossed, the ski fields will start to open. That means it is time to start training to get those muscles ready for the slopes. Muscle training takes time to create change and ultimately strengthen the muscle fibres. When you use your muscles regularly, they become strong. Increasing muscular strength can keep you from being easily fatigued. It can keep your muscles from become sore or injured. Skiing and snowboarding; are not low impact sports.

If you want to be able ski and snowboard without injury then let’s get some fitness going. It is the time to incorporate snow specific exercises into your regular exercise routine. Quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, core stabilisers and triceps are the muscles specific to skiing and snowboarding. Optimise your strength in these muscle groups to reduce the risk of injury and increase your enjoyment and endurance on the slopes.

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